Homework Policy

Schoolchild 5 (5)Aim

Our aim at NBC is to ensure that children develop as independent learners, and we believe that doing homework is one of the ways in which children can gain the skill of independent learning.  Homework is anything children do outside the normal school day that helps with their learning in school.  Homework should be a special time for family members to share with their child and should be fun.


The objectives of homework are to:

  • help children make progress in their learning;
  • help children become independent learners;
  • help make stronger home and school links;
  • reinforce the learning done in school;
  • allow children to practice skills taught in lessons;
  • help children develop good work habits for the future.

The role of parents

We ask parents to:

  • encourage their child to complete the homework tasks that are set
  • discuss the work that their child is doing
  • provide their child with an environment that allows children to do their best
  • provide a good working space at home
  • ensure their child is supervised when they access the internet

If parents have any questions about homework, they should contact the child’s class teacher. If their questions are of a more general nature, they should contact the headteacher.