To ensure consistent good behaviour which is necessary for the well-being of the school community and to enable effective teaching and learning.


We encourage self-discipline in all children and create a framework in which each individual’s needs, rights and opinions are respected and valued.


  • To ensure that all members of the school community are responsible for their own actions and know how they are expected to behave.
  • To develop self-esteem and enhance levels of self-confidence.
  • To develop good habits in relation to self-discipline and mutual support.
  • To encourage good manners and politeness.
  • To develop positive attitudes.
  • To encourage respect towards each other and to all property.
  • To encourage positive attitudes to school work and learning with emphasis on high standards.

In order for our strategies to be effective, we must establish clear and consistent policies, which have been agreed and are to be followed by all staff. The children will discover where the boundaries of acceptable behaviour lie, understand what behavioural expectations the school has of them, and realize the consequences of their actions.