NBC504Attendance Policy Statement

At the heart of everything we do at NBC is children’s learning, but children cannot learn if they are absent. We therefore aim  to ensure that our children  take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them and raise standards by promoting the regular attendance and punctuality of students. We have therefore adopted the following policy and procedures.


  • To improve attendance and punctuality across the whole school
  • To reduce the percentage of unauthorised absence
  • To create a culture in which good attendance is accepted as the norm
  • Demonstrate that good attendance and punctuality is valued by the school
  • Maintain and develop effective communication regarding attendance between home and school

In Northern Cyprus parents have the primary responsibility for ensuring that children of compulsory school age (i.e. 5 to 16 year olds) receive a suitable education, either by regular attendance at school or otherwise. It is the school’s duty to help ensure that parents meet these responsibilities.

The school is required to inform the parents if a student fails to attend regularly or has been absent for a continuous period of three days without notification from the parents or guardians. If this occurs, the absence is treated as unauthorised.

The school ensures that an attendance register for all students on the school roll is taken twice a day; once at the start of the morning session and once during the afternoon session.

For each student, the register must be marked either as present, engaged in an approved educational activity, away from the school site or absent. If the student is absent, the register must say whether or not the absence has been authorised by the school.

Authorised or Unauthorised Absence

Authorised absence is where the school has either given approval, in advance, for a student of compulsory school age to be away, or has accepted an explanation offered afterwards as satisfactory justification for absence.

All other absences must be treated as unauthorised.


Morning registration will take place at 8:20 am at the start of school. The registers will remain open for 10 Minutes to cater for the Bus Service. Any student arriving after this time will be marked as having an unauthorised absence unless an explanation given is accepted as grounds for authorising the late arrival.

The afternoon registration will be at 13:10 pm.

Children who arrive late without an authorised reason will have to remain outside that class in a designated supervised area until an appropriate break, so as not to disturb the lesson.

Where children are regularly late for school, the school will write to parents informing them of the schools concerns and offering support and help to rectify the situation.

If lateness is consistent and parents have not responded to the support offered from the school, then the child may not be offered a place for the next academic year.

First Day Absence

Parents are expected to contact the school on first day of absence. In the case of identified children, the school will make first day absence telephone contact. Class teachers are initially responsible for ensuring that the office is made aware when identified children are absent. The Administrative staff will then call the family and check on reasons for absence. This information will then be recorded and where necessary passed on to the relevant member of staff to deal with.

Third Day Absence

If a child has been absent for 3 days without explanation then the school will contact the family to check and establish reason for absence.

Fifteen Days Absence

Any pupil who is absent without an explanation for 15 consecutive days will bereferred to the Ministry of Education.

The school will include details of action that they have taken.

Frequent Absence

NBC believes it is the responsibility of everyone in the school community to be aware of any emerging attendance concerns. In cases where a student begins to develop a pattern of absences, the school will try to resolve the problem with the parents. If this is unsuccessful the school will refer to the School Counsellor.

Absence notes

The school requires written notes explaining reasons for absence for every period of absence recorded.

Holidays in term time

The school actively discourages the taking of holidays during term time. Although we accept that in some cases, allowances have to be made.