Blue Friday 2016


NBC celebrates the 33rd anniversary of the creation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


Remembrance of Atatürk 2016


Halloween at NBC 2016

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NBC commemorates the 93rd anniversary of the creation of the Republic of Turkey 2016


Pink Day at NBC 2016


Graduation 2016

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Year 1B trip to the Kyrenia Harbour


Year 5 and Year 6 trip to İzmir Space Camp

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Year 3 Trip to Salamis in Famagusta


23rd April National Children’s Day 2016

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Tree and Forest Week 2016


NBC Table Tennis Team


BRT visit


Pantomime show Ali Baba and Forty Thieves


Blue Friday 2015


Teachers’ Day 2015


TRNC Republic Celebrations 15 November 2015


Rememberance of Atatürk (2015)


29 October (2015)


23 April 


Sports Day


Reading Festival


Tree Week


Celebrating New Year 2015


Dental Health Day (2014)


Anti-Bullying Week


TRNC Republic Celebrations (15 November 2014)


Turkish Republic Celebrations (29 October 2014)


Halloween Party (2014)


Pink Day (Breast Cancer Awereness Day) (2014)


Design Technology Lesson


Dental Hygeine Activities


Trip to İstanbul (May 2014)


Summer School Activities


Early Years Picnic



Secondary School Graduation (June 2014)


International Day (13 June 2014)


Art Competition

Our students entered the Colgate Art Competition and won a number of awards.



* Swimming Competition at the NEU – Our students Tarık, Said and Taib Lutge won Silver, Gold and Bronze Medals for their outstanding performances.

* Sayd Lutge represented our school in national swimming competitions in Turkey.

* NBC Middle School Football Team reached the quarter finals.

* Our Primary School Football team participated in friendly matches with Lapta Middle School and The English School of Kyrenia


Science Exhibition – 09.05.2014

Our 2nd Science exhibition was held by our college Science Department. There were 42 different kinds of experiments being carried out by students. Local schools were invited to visit our exhibition and were amazed by how well organised the event was.



23rd of April Children’s day – 23.04.2014

This year children’s day was celebrated in “Disney” style. Everything from the stage, to the backdrop, songs and dances were all inspired by Walt Disney. The amazing costumes and choreography emphasized the motto of the show “where dreams come true”. Both parents and students had a lot of fun during the show.


Easter 17.04.2014

The PTA organised a fun event for our students. The whole school brought in boiled eggs which they painted and decorated themselves. The eggs were then hidden for an egg hunt. The egg and spoon race was also the highlight of the day. The children had a lovely time and were awarded prizes. Parents prepared Easter themed cupcakes and lemonade for everyone.


Reading Festival – 13.04.2014

Our 2nd Reading Festival was held at “Kyrenia Cultural Centre”. All year 2’s were required to read a small passage, sing in English and in Turkish, dance and also perform a short play. They were very successful and all children were awarded with certificates.


Güzelyurt Trip – 08.04.2014

Foundation and Year 1 students went on a trip to Güzelyurt. They visited the Cypruvex Orange Factory and learned how orange juice is made. They were also invited to Güzelyurt Maarif Foundation school. After completing their visits they went to a zoo and had a picnic in the park.


SOS Trip – 28.03.2014

Representatives from SOS children’s village visited our school to provide information about the children’s orphanage.


Lapta Trip – 19.03.2014

Early years 1 and 2 went to Lapta on a sightseeing trip. They observed the environment and visited a mini zoo.


Trip to METU – 28.02.2014

NBC college students visited the Science and Technology Museum in Kalkanlı.


Tulips Cancer Charity – 27.02.2014

Our school was involved in raising money for cancer. The children were given a tube of Smarties each. After eating them, they filled each tube with 50 kr. The tubes were collected and the money was donated to the cancer charity. NBC collected 2500 TL.


Fire Station Trip – 29.1.14

Our Year 1 & 2 students visited the fire station. They were informed about how fires are put out, and they had the chance to experience being in a fire truck.


Puppet Show – 9.01.2014

Our Year 1 students were entertained by “Magic Hands Puppet Theatre” who performed a puppet Show.


New Year Party -23.12.2013

Santa Claus visited our school and gave a present to each child in his grotto. A New Year party was organised and the children enjoyed themselves very much.


Teacher’s Day – 24.11.2013

We remembered our teacher’s on 24th of November by singing songs and reading poems.


Bullying Day (Blue Friday) – 24.11.2013

Our students created posters, wrote slogans and drew pictures to understand the meaning of bullying for Anti bullying week. On Friday 24th November everyone wore blue and we had an assembly where the children danced, sang songs and performed sketches about anti-bullying. The whole school joined together in a large circle and yelled “No to bullying”, as they released balloons into the air.


Establishment of T.R.N.C. – 15.11.2013

We celebrated the 30th year of the establishment of the T.R.N.C. with a ceremony which took place at school. The children read poems and made speeches about the importance of this day.


Remembrance of Atatürk – 10.11.2013

On the 75th commemoration day of Atatürk’s death, our students read articles and poems to show their respect for our great leader.


Halloween – 31.10.2013

A big Fancy Dress party was held after school on 31st October. The teachers and children all wore different scary costumes and make-up. Prizes were given to the best dressed and most creative costumes. The children were also able to enjoy a variety of games and were given homemade Halloween sweets drinks and cookies.


First Aid Course – 30.10.2013

Some of our teachers attended a first-aid course organised by “112 The British Emergency Service in North Cyprus”. They were awarded with certificates at the end of the session.


The Anniversary of the Turkish Republic – 29.10.2013

We celebrated the 90th anniversary of the establishment of The Turkish Republic by gathering for a ceremony which took place at school.


Pink Day Cancer Support – 25.10.2013

Our school organized an activity for breast cancer awareness. All teachers, staff and students wore pink. Pink cakes and sweets which were baked by the parents were sold during break. All profit was donated to the breast cancer charity, “Tulips”.